Roy Jones Jr. vs. Scott Sigmon Live Stream on 8 Feb. 2018

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Scott Sigmon

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Scott Sigmon Live Stream on 8 Feb. 2018

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) – Area boxer Scott Sigmon made them stun news Roy Jones Jr. vs. Scott Sigmon only two or three days back.

The 30-year-old Bedford local will get a chance to venture into the ring against a boxing legend one month from now.

Jones Jr. vs. Sigmon live stream

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Sigmon will battle previous four division best on the planet Roy Jones, Junior in the place where he grew up in Pensacola, Florida Thursday, February eighth.

Sigmon disclosed to me he helped spare a battle for one of Jones’ boxers on an undercard a year ago, now Jones is giving back where its due, picking Sigmon as his adversary. Jones is as yet boxing, he turns 49 of every two weeks.

Scott Sigmon WILL FIGHT ROY JONES, JR. FEB. 8, said “Competitors of this bore, you know the age, I mean clearly he’s drawing near to 50 however it’s still Roy Jones. What’s more, he won’t be Roy Jones for the entire 30 minutes of the battle, yet he may Roy Jones for 10 minutes or 12 minutes of the battle. Also, I mean Roy Jones is one of the best contenders who at any point drew breath. What’s more, similar to I said it’s only a respect to be in the ring with him and I’m going to do as well as can be expected.”

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